Car Navigation Systems

Brief view of Car Navigation Systems with GPS

A car navigation system combines GPS technology with a computer communication system to track a driver’s progress on a digital map . It provides services like the shortest route, fastest route, etc. on roadways, especially on motorways, which, on daily basis, are hardly free of congestion. This application is best termed optimal car routing and is the most widely used commercial application of GPS technology. Major companies like Motorola, TomTom, Nokia, Philips, Sony, etc. dominate this market.

CAR GPS combines telematics and telecommunications to do surveying and precise positioning. How this works is the content of the next section.

Functioning of Car GPS

While in continuous motion, each satellite in the GPS constellation continuously broadcasts radio signals in all directions. This information contains data about its orbit, equipment status, and the exact time. The car’s GPS receiver consists of anantenna (usually mounted on the car or dashboard)

The receiver computer has a digital road map in memory (in some cases, on a CD-ROM)that contains most roads in the country. Thus, all you need to do is just put in the details of your destination on the computer screen and then wait for the details the computer is going to give you.

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List of Cell Phones with GPS:
Amoi (2) BlackBerry (4) HTC (7) Nokia (5)
Asus (4) Eten (8) i-mate (3) O2 (3)
Benefon (4) Fujitsu Siemens Mitac (4) Samsung (3)
BenQ (1) Gigabyte (3) Motorola (12) Siemens (1)
BenQ-Siemens HP (6) NEC (3) Thuraya (1)
      Toshiba (2)