Tomtom based GPS for Renault

Tomtom GPS for Renault

The market for embedded navigation system in cars is growing rapidly. In spring, the GPS solutions from Tomtom to be found in several small and mid-sized models from Renault.

Integrated navigators are in many ways superior portable counterparts. They do not obscure the view, is more integrated with the car, and attracts, in particular, not to the thefts. A major problem is that so far has involved a SHAMELESS costs.

TomTom Carmina units GPS solution that comes with this year's Renault Clio, Megane and Scenic. With an entry price of just under 500 Euro collaborators believe that the interest should awake to the seriousness of integrated navigation. Notably, however, is that really good separate solutions still cost a couple tusenlappar less.

Tomtom focusing on simple updating of maps and other information. Via this site Tomtom Home charger down the data to an SD card which is then connected in the car. Via the service Tomtom Map Share users can also add or change in the map material and share with other navigator owners. Hardware consists of a device with 5.8-inch screen (which, however, is not pressure sensitive) with built-in TMC which gives info on current events as the wall construction and congestion in real time.

First out with Carmina TomTom Renault and later in the spring following the Renault Megane and Renault Scenic.

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