Mobile Phone as a GPS Navigation System

gps reseiver satellites

Your mobile phone as a navigation system. Today, it, and it is increasingly common. More and more mobile devices are equipped with GPS (Global Positioning System).

GPS receiver in the mobile phone receives the information by one of the many GPS satellites which are around the Earth. The satellites constantly transmit signals which are picked up by the GPS receiver.

A Mobile phone with GPS can determine with great precision where the mobile unit at that time. There are also external GPS receivers that communicate via Bluetooth with a mobile device.

What is needed for a mobile navigation system

mobile navigation system

Before a mobile phone can be used as a navigation system it must have GPS and navigation software must be installed. It also should present cards to be purchased. Some well-known navigation software packages are Route 66 and Tom Tom.

The current mobile phones are already equipped with GPS navigation software so the unit is ready for navigation use. However, it is prudent to conduct from time to install new current maps because the road is subject to change. If you are not surprises.

The advantage of smartphone as a navigation system

Most mobile devices have brands which are suitable for navigation. If you have a PDA or Smartphone, it is obvious to a navigation to purchase. A major advantage to this type of equipment is the large LCD display which provides additional ease of use. Out of the navigation software and maps is the next step. As mentioned above Tom Tom and the famous Route 66 navigation software brands. But you can also choose, for example Nokia Maps, Garmin or Destinator.

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List of Cell Phones with GPS:
Amoi (2) BlackBerry (4) HTC (7) Nokia (5)
Asus (4) Eten (8) i-mate (3) O2 (3)
Benefon (4) Fujitsu Siemens Mitac (4) Samsung (3)
BenQ (1) Gigabyte (3) Motorola (12) Siemens (1)
BenQ-Siemens HP (6) NEC (3) Thuraya (1)
      Toshiba (2)