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Hello everybody, my intention is to help all those who have cellular phones with N95 internal GPS and not have to spend unreasonable GPRS satellite to capture and download maps for which there are several free programs use maps and very difficult finding and including pages dedicated to the sale of products such as files that facilitates over 50,000 but obviously everything is simplified and as many have helped me believe it's time to return the hand.

What do I need?

Therefore only needed equipment with internal GPS cell.

Procedure: First tell the program to use is the Garmin Mobile TX great looking, very easy to use and quite fast at the time of detection satellites, as far as these steps are:

1 .- You must install the MapSource application which allows you to read the maps you want and then transfer them to your device in this case your wireless equipment, for them to download the following link which will come as 2 executable files, one is TRAINING CENTER and the other where they previously mentioned the MapSource. Just install the training center first and then the mapsource, not installed in this way you will not even install the mapsource.

(LINK Program)

2 .- Once installed these programs I recommend that while we let the grain unloading this precious file called 2007 Chile Street, where you have the option of autorouting, detail of banks, supermarkets, pharmacies, and everything related to streets!.


3 .- Now that the most important files you need to have one program that will allow me to read these maps on my cell phone, download the program for them that they mentioned at the beginning called GARMIN TX, which it brings notice to remove a large amount file, the procedure is as follows:


a) Copy the entire folder on the GARMIN M2 expansion card of the phone.

b) Go to Tools within the team / ADM. ARCHIV / (SELECT CARD) / GARMIN / GARMINMOBILEXT.SIS are installed with this application and to expect them to leave that mensajito typical installation is completed.

d) Close the program and will be dropped from the garmin folder and open the key generator, against which copied the number listed above at the top and give it to generate that is in between the window, but if you notice below as it gives them the option to write a code and may generate another key, this is because the garmin work area as is, if they want to see maps of Africa made them throw a code and a key, the other in Asia, in another course in Spain and other Chilito!.
Therefore scored once as I mentioned the code generated and saved the key down event to put downloaded maps for Australia should make the code 724 and attach to generate which will have 2 KEY! .

e) Write the KEY generated text file! NO WORD but in different files whose names should be:

* The file containing the above kay name the text file as SW.UNL
* For the key below the file name the text file as GMAPSUPP.UNL

f) In the cell to go to TOOLS / ADM. ARCH / (memory card) .... Here we must look for those text files to be created and left with the extension *. UNL therefore if you set the phone is the same SW.UNL.txt by rioja rioja and delete the renamed. Txt (do this for both files CRADA)

4 .- You configure the phone, so we need only look at the issue of the maps that let down in section 3. Well as you will see the folder chile streets is a text file that comes with a code maps, copy this code and look for the SETUP.EXE file, as you can see it as an update mapsource and what is now read maps chilenitos! ! ... when they open the mapsource asked who wrote that code and copy it.

5 .- Once the go to C: and open the mapsource GARMIN open looking like a complete map of Australia, where they leave a kind of pictures and selected by dragging the mouse, then you get TRANSFER / SEND TO DEVICE / / Connect OBVIOUSLY FOR THE MOBILE USB) / (it recognizes) AND SEND IT PUT .... (they will transfer that infinite *. img files) after that they are ready.

6 .- We are going to implement garmin on your cellphone and they should both recognize the gps and the maps, so they both talked about the key top and bottom, gps and maps, respectively.



Later in the same program garmin mobile will CONFIG / SYSTEM / REMOTE GPS .... They should appear in GPS which verifies that the signal actually using your GPS so you are not charging even a single pesito and ready to entertain with your new GPS!

Pass for all files uploaded exclusively for you

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afaqs said...

I am using Nokia Mobile Phone,this artical is very important for installing gps apps in my mobile phone.

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