Nokia N96: GPS and Nokia Maps

Nokia N96 GPS

We can not let pass the opportunity to talk about the latest release from Nokia, talking about the Nseries N96, a cellphone that could be easily confused with a PDA, and if we add to that the GPS receiver, becomes a perfect candidate to appear in our blog.

The Nokia N96 is a mobile last batch integrates all types of multimedia technologies - radio, camera, video, music player, web browser - and how could it be otherwise also integrates a GPS receiver.

The mapping software is not the charismatic Tom Tom or Garmin, but a solution developed by the company Nokia, which under the name Nokia Maps offers an interface very similar to the way we are all familiar with Google Maps.

Nokia maps will have the opportunity to enjoy the layers of street and satellite, and a hybrid system. El sistema est? pensado para disponer de una conexi?n a Internet, ya sea a trav├ęs de 3G o WLAN, descarg?ndose los mapas necesarios en tiempo real. The system is intended to have an Internet connection, either via 3G or WLAN, downloaded the necessary maps in real time.

This is both an advantage and a disadvantage. Por un lado podremos viajar a cualquier punto del mundo y disponer siempre de los mapas m?s recientes y actualizados, pero por otro lado el precio de la conexi?n de datos puede ser una gran pega si no disponemos de tarifa plana. On the one hand be able to travel anywhere in the world and always have the latest and updated maps, but on the other hand the price of the data connection can be a big hits when we do not have a flat rate.

In any case, Nokia offers a software that will allow us to download the maps that we will need from your PC and then upload them to our mobile. De esta forma usaremos la conexi?n ADSL y podremos ahorrar algo de dinero. In this way we use the ADSL connection and we can save some money. Os recomendamos echar un vistazo a las ofertas ADSL . We recommend you take a look at the offers ADSL.

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pratishtha said...

the company Nokia, which under the name Nokia Maps offers an interface very similar to the way we are all familiar with Google Maps.

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danreeve said...

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Claire Sage said...
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Claire Sage said...

What is the big difference between car GPS and mobile GPS? Anyone could help me? Thanks

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