Global positioning system

global positioning systemA Global Positioning System (German: Global Positioning System) (GPS) is each worldwide, satellite-based navigation system. GPS is the term but in general usage specifically for the Navstar GPS of the U.S. Defense Department uses the late 1980s to global positioning and timing has been developed.

Navstar GPS is now the world's most important positioning - and navigation system and triggered at around 1985 The old, 1999 expiring NNSS satellite navigation system (transit) of the U.S. Navy from, as the Vela satellites for detection of bomb explosions. The positioning accuracy of the standard codes rose at 1 May 2000 shutdown of the artificial signal distortion (Selective Availability) of about 100 meters to 10-15 meters and can be explained by different methods difference (DGPS) to increase centimeters. With special multi-frequency measuring devices with the L1 and L2 frequency and longer measurement for geodetic purposes accuracies of a few millimeters per kilometer distance reached base line.

The official name is "atellite Nav igational S T R iming a nd were involved - G lobal P ositioning System (Navstar GPS). Navstar is also sometimes as an abbreviation for "Nav igation S ystem using T iming a nd R were involved" is used. GPS was on 17 July 1995 officially put into operation.

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