Keep an eye on the kids with GPS jacket

Now it is here. GPS jacket which helps parents to keep tabs on children. It is just log on the Internet and read by each jacket is somewhere. - We noticed that parents would like to have complete track of their children, "says producer Barry same.

The company Blade Runner is known for its inventive products. How about school uniforms with Kevlar feed or solar jackets that can recharge the iPod?

But for parents of young children is their main product GPS jacket. - The jacket is a transmitter about as big as a matchbox. The transmitter is BEHIND BARS in a hidden pocket. Via GPS jacket sends out its position as often as you choose, "says Barry Same for Blade Runner for AlltomBarn.

Parents can then log on to a website and see the exact position of the jacket and where it has been. It is also possible to receive notification of the jacket is outside the selected areas.

How did you get the idea? - It was when we worked with a school uniform with Kevlar feed that we were asked. Parents wanted to know if it was to put the transmitter in the children's jackets. We researched this issue and realized that it was possible, the technology already existed.

How parents react when you tell if the jacket? - Some think it is a good idea, especially parents with young children. Parents with older children tend to be critical to whether it can work.

And what do the kids? - Young children think it is quite okay.
Have you tried the jacket on a child? - Before we began selling jacket we tested it. It worked well. The child thought it was an ordinary jacket.

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