The readers chatted about gps in cell phone

Gps becoming something of a standard feature in mobile phone, but there are big differences between gps programs in price and function. And how was it now again with the data costs? Readers took the opportunity to question the Mobile gps expert Tomas Nilsson. Read all the questions and answers here.

Now, three o'clock, and the chat can begin. Welcome!

Tomas Jansson:
If you are traveling in the world, it can be quite expensive to download local maps when you are on site. If you want to download the relevant maps in advance the mapping program is best to use? I am looking for something for my Nokia 6220 and I will not use the navigation service to keep costs down. The important thing for me is to see a good map, clear gatnamn and to follow how I walk through the city.

Tomas Nilsson:
The Nokia PC Suite is a button called "Download maps" - a feature that lets you install maps on the memory card in advance. Wayfinder has a similar function. Navigon has also come out with a new version of S60 with maps on the memory card.

Garmin / Asus is releasing a "real" GPS phone on Monday. Do you think it will be the first "real" GPS cell phone with smartphone features that are ready to use right out of the box without the need to add costly additional services for example, voice navigation?

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