The map service on mobile phones, all for free!

Do you have bad local content? Fill homes Java application Mobile GMaps and install on your mobile phone, so you will always have an updated map to navigate by. Mobile GMaps uses the free service, Google Maps, and can view detailed maps and satellite ROAD MAP with street names, one-way streets and more. Do you have a GPS receiver with Bluetooth (or other connection, so you can connect it to your phone), you can also find out where you are when you lost!

We have tested the service on Sony Ericsson W800i, and was then only able to fill down the maps via GPRS, which sometimes was a little frustrating. Sit and drive and quickly download a map, so is a high risk that you run error with GPRS, but 3G will take you most likely to target.

Mobile GMaps is completely free to use apart from the cost of your telecom traffic takes when you download the maps . It is an easy to use program that has several useful functions. You can search for an address to quickly find the right, also can save favorite addresses as bookmarks for quicker access. You can switch between satellite photo or ROAD MAP, and there are up to 17 levels of zoom (google limit this, it is not all sites in sweden that are fully indexed). W800i supports full screen mode in full, but the author states that some other models may have problems with this. Something we missed the experience.

Mobile GMaps is not a complete GPS system, because it lacks a few vital things that functioning of the cache (the cache, but it is small and exhausted for the adjustment of the zoom mode.) A smart function had been to fill down the current maps (maybe on the PC?) On one occasion, so it is not likely to be without maps when you run astray. In Mobile GMaps requires a connection and work is not, you are far beyond civilization (where you need it most). Both these functions are things that are on the To-Do List for Mobile GMaps, but there is no date for when it can be implemented. Anyway, Mobile GMaps is a great little program that promises well for the future!

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