Mio A501 GPS mobile handset

Mio Technology announces the launch of the new Mio A501, a multi-dimensional device the functions of a mobile phone, GPS handset and Windows Mobile 5.0 PDA combines. The Mio A501 will facilitate the mobile man 'life through the benefits of satellite navigation, a fully functional PDA and a Smartphone a device to combine. The Mio A501 has a slim and sleek design and fits comfortably in the hand, pocket or handbag. It is one of the most complete, well-built and affordable devices on the market. "The A501 offers consumers the best in design, compactness and functionality," explains Paul Notte Tree, President of Mio Technology Accessories.

Mio A501 Navigator GPs Cell Phone

Mio 501 mobile phone - Navigation
Paul Notte Boom continues: "But the main strength of this unit is the price of 499 euro, which Mio Technology GPS PDA phone market access for the ordinary user." The Mio A501 has a SiRFstar III GPS receiver for accurate positioning and an intuitive interface for route planning. In combination with leading navigation of Mio Technology provides the user with information on thousands of Points of Interest, speed cameras and maps of 22 European countries.

Mio A501 GPS handset - Speed & Software
The new Mio A501 is also serves as a PDA so the user can store and transmit data when it is not in the office. The Quad band GSM / GPRS with EDGE technology accelerates data transfer, an improved user-friendliness means. The transfer is close to 3G, which offers more bandwidth for Internet applications. The Mio A501 is supported by Microsoft Windows Mobile 5.0 software, which users access their contacts and calendar on the desktop. In addition, the A501 also push e-mail.

Mio 501 GPS Cell Phone Back

Mio A501 PDA - Photography & Storage
Handsfree call is a cold trick with the A501 thanks to its car kit or headset with Bluetooth wireless technology. If the user receives a call while driving, turn the handset automatically from the navigation to the phone function, which is talking while driving much safer. The stereo Bluetooth allows the user enjoy a better sound quality when playing MP3 files. The Mio A501 also has a 2.0 Megapixel camera with autofocus and flash. The memory can be extended to 2GB with an optional standard Secure Digital / MMC memory card.

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