iPhone with GPS!

Apple Iphone Mobile Cell Phone with GPS!

Steve Jobs introduced the now long-awaited new version of the iPhone. The phone will, as expected, with 3G support and a little more unexpected with a built-in GPS. Really fun to Apple to engage in the game properly. The price is also a big shot. $ 199, the cost, and the same all over the world. It sounds almost too good to be true, now we will see if iPhone lives up to the exorbitant expectations. Should the deal to compete for the title "world's best mobile phone" with Nokia N95 8GB?

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Ian said...

GPS is the way to go according to Ian!

In my recently published novel for pre-teens, the main character, Ian, (one of Santa’s helpers), tries to convince Santa of the benefits of using GPS. You know, just in case something were to happen to Rudolph. Santa is reluctant to change. Ian accompanies Santa on Christmas Eve and what happens next will go down in history.

All the best!
Eric Dana Hansen
Author of “IAN, CEO, North Pole”

Unknown said...

As you said...this is too good to be true...lovely if Iphone comes with GPS and all that you say.

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judith said...

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afaqs said...

Now a days the more people using I Phone so this information is very helpful for the I Phone user.

List of Cell Phones with GPS:
Amoi (2) BlackBerry (4) HTC (7) Nokia (5)
Asus (4) Eten (8) i-mate (3) O2 (3)
Benefon (4) Fujitsu Siemens Mitac (4) Samsung (3)
BenQ (1) Gigabyte (3) Motorola (12) Siemens (1)
BenQ-Siemens HP (6) NEC (3) Thuraya (1)
      Toshiba (2)